Google MAGI – ChatGPT competitor

Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), or Google as we know it, is gearing up to release its latest tool which is called MAGI to compete with ChatGPT. After Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and OpenAI released the Artificial Intelligence tool, ChatGPT, Google felt threatened. ChatGPT clearly targets Google core business the web search engine. Google is the number 1 search engine in the world administering close to 9 billion searches per day. Obviously the King of search engines is not going to stand there and watch ChatGPT and Microsoft take over market share with their AI tool and do nothing. Fearing the loss of market share, google quickly assembled engineers and created the MAGI project which is suppose to become the new Google search engine. So what is MAGI and how it came about so quickly? Let’s talk about Google MAGI – ChatGPT competitor

A little History

Not much information out there about the MAGI project as Google has not yet officially released any details to the public. I searched the web, spoke with few people and gathered the below information, which is not official.

There are speculations that the project is based on another project Google has created a while back and it is called the MAGI (Massively Assisted Game Intelligence) project. It was a groundbreaking research initiative that sought to develop advanced AI systems that can play complex strategy games. Led by the company’s DeepMind division, the project represented a significant milestone in the development of artificial intelligence and has implications for a wide range of industries.

The MAGI project was focused on developing AI algorithms that can analyze large amounts of data and make strategic decisions in real-time, which was a critical requirement for many strategy games. One of the primary goals of the project was to create an AI system that can play StarCraft II, a popular and complex real-time strategy game that requires players to make quick decisions and manage multiple units and resources.

The MAGI project has made significant progress in developing AI systems that can play StarCraft II. In 2019, Google’s DeepMind division created an AI system called AlphaStar, which was able to defeat a world champion player in a series of games. AlphaStar was designed using a combination of deep neural networks and reinforcement learning algorithms, which allowed it to learn from experience and improve over time.

It is my speculation that the MAGI search engine project is based on the (Massively Assisted Game Intelligence) project outlined above. The truth will come out one day.

So what is MAGI?

I found below YouTube video to be very informative about Google’s new project MAGI. I will also outline additional details from other sites I researched in below sections.

Google’s MAGI project

What will MAGI search engine do?

Again more speculation here as we have very limited official information from google, but putting things together the below an be said about what we think the MAGI search engine will be capable of:

  • Similar to ChatGPT, MAGI will offer a conversational interface.
  • Responses will be more personalized.
  • Google will allow users to complete transactions entirely through MAGI. This means MAGI will be able to assist users to purchase products, book travel and get financial advice all within Google.

The success of the MAGI project has significant implications for a wide range of industries. The development of AI systems that can make strategic decisions in real-time could have applications in fields such as logistics, finance, and cybersecurity. For example, an AI system that can analyze large amounts of data and make quick decisions could help companies optimize their supply chain operations or identify potential security threats.

When will Google launch MAGI?

The launch date of MAGI is rumored to be in May of 2023, so we are very close to hearing something official about this project from Google itself. The limited information we have from Google is that MAGI will only be available to around 1 million users within the US. Depending on how the trial goes, the company expects to expand this to 30 million users by the end of the year. More features will be released in Q4 2023.

AI war is just starting

This war was ignited by the release of ChatGPT and it is just starting. MAGI has the potential to change how people search the web and conduct online transactions. This will have huge impacts on many businesses. This could even threaten Amazon’s retail business in a way. Will Amazon Inc (AMZN) enter this war? Stay tuned to see how things will unfold when MAGI is released.

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